Dr. Vanessa Enoch, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Vanessa Enoch, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Vanessa Enoch (AKA Doc Enoch) is a Public Policy expert, a business development and policy consultant/ business owner, and a trained community organizer, who is passionate about Social Justice and Human Rights causes, and the most important role she holds is that of mom to her two beautiful daughters, ages 17 and 24. She has been a resident of West Chester, OH for over 15 years, and raised her daughters in the Lakota Public School District.

Enoch graduated from Northwest Sr. High School, in Colerain Township. For over 20 years she has been leading local efforts to drive change in communities in Greater Cincinnati region. Most recently, she has been involved in efforts to ensure fairness within the criminal justice system and the jury selection process. Enoch has worked alongside state legislators and state court judges on judicial reform efforts. She is a devout Christian, and an advocate for strong families. She has also taken up numerous causes for marginalized and oppressed communities.

Enoch is especially passionate about empowering women and children, the protection of the mentally ill, and finding solutions to the opioid epidemic. She is concerned that Ohio’s prisons are filled with individuals who are mentally ill, poor, and disproportionately from minority communities. Not only is this a social justice issue, but also has a direct impact on how our tax dollars are spent. As a former chemical dependency and family counselor, Enoch understands that it is more effective and less costly to educate a child, treat mental illness and drug addiction, and provide equal opportunities for all citizens.
Enoch has fought to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline and reform of the juvenile justice system. She believes that children should have the opportunity to make mistakes and be reformed. And, she believes that all Americans should have equal access and the opportunity to succeed, no matter their background and socioeconomic status.

Dr. Enoch’s doctoral dissertation was on the denial of access and ascendency of women to higher levels of the judiciary in the state of Ohio. Enoch is a public policy and social change expert, with proven leadership skills and broad and varied experience that crosses several sectors, including non-profit, government, business, and entrepreneurship. Her business, Cultural Impact, LLC specializes in providing management consulting and training services to businesses and corporations. She has also worked as a college professor and a higher education administrator for nearly 15 years, with several years of experience overseeing multiple college departments. Enoch served as Department Chair/ Dean of Students for business and accounting departments.

Enoch has been a small business owner for many years. As an experienced senior level business and technology professional, with over 16 years of corporate operations experience, Enoch understands the challenges that business owners face in growing their businesses. She has held positions as a Business/ Information Technology Analyst with corporations such as General Electric, and she has worked as a Paralegal with the US Small Business Administration. She has also held positions as a Project Manager within the insurance industry, construction, and within corporate retail and the hospital departments.

Dr. Enoch holds a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from The Ohio State University, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Concentration in Information Technology from Xavier University. Dr. Enoch is an MLK Scholar with a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Social Change from Union Institute & University.

Dr. Enoch earned the Eugene Ruehlmann Fellowship and several academic awards as a Ph.D. Student. She has been named Educator of the Year and received faculty service awards from her previous employer. Enoch was also named one of 15 Women in Business to Watch in 2006, and nominated for the Cincinnati Business Couriers Forty Under 40 award. Under her leadership, the Cincinnati Chapter of the National Black MBA Association was named Chapter of the Year. Enoch was also a member of the Cincinnati Chamber C-Change Leadership Class in 2006. She volunteers on several local and national non-profit boards, including the YMCA, Vision Works, Inc., Black Greeks Speak, and she became one of the youngest to ever serve on The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce board. Enoch has also been a member of Rotary Club International and other business oriented organizations. She has volunteered and taught with the University of Cincinnati’s Summer Enrichment Program, and for the past several years, she has volunteered as a lead community organizer with the Coalition for a Just Hamilton County. Enoch is a member of the American Society for Public Administrators and the American Political Science Association.

Dr. Enoch has fought vigorously for change against a system that wishes to maintain the status quo to the detriment of 99% of Americans.

She will continue to fight in US Congress, to restore the government back to the people. She needs your vote on May 8, 2018 to win the Democratic Primary.