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EF Hutton Talks Conference on Social Capital Oct 20 at Antioch College

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, August 28, 2018 – EF Hutton, Inc., has opened free, public registration for the “EF Hutton Talks Conference Series: Social Capital,” Saturday, October 20th at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The conference will cover issues surrounding changes in social capital due to social media and the devaluation of individual users and the… Read more »

MLKIII at EF Hutton Talks Conference – Option for Compensation

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Sara Jodka Speech Review

Sara Jodka Speech Review Author: Jasmine Milum The EF Hutton talk’s conference featured guest speaker Sara Jodka, an attorney who masters data privacy and cybersecurity issues. She begins by explaining where our data rights come from. Back in a time before the mass use of digital media, the concern of where personal data was distributed... Read more »

Data access: An unprotected human right

Data access: An unprotected human right As the digital world significantly grows, user data has become more accessible for businesses to collect for their own use. In April, Facebook brought this issue to light when the company harvested the data of 87 million users and sold it to Cambridge Analytica. This scandal isn’t the first... Read more »

A Day at the EF Hutton Talks Conference

The EF Hutton Talks Conference Series launched on Monday, June 25 and it was a success! Between the amazing speakers and the never ending food, not one person left energized and uninformed about user rights.