Dr. Vanessa Enoch talks user rights

Dr. Vanessa Enoch talks user rights

Dr. Vanessa Enoch, CEO of Cultural Impact LLC, spoke at the EF Hutton Talks Conference on Monday, June 25th to discuss user rights and privacy online.
The West Chester, Ohio resident has a background working in IT as an analyst and project manager. She is now a candidate for US Congress in Ohio’s 8th district and believes that the people’s needs are not being met when it comes to change within the user rights community.

“A lot of the individuals who are making the decisions about your privacy aren’t necessarily making that a priority. Those aren’t their priorities. They don’t care about your privacy. In fact, many of them are looking to protect their own corporate interest or in the interest of those who put them in office,” said Enoch. People can bring about change, in the interest of user rights, by coming together.

The ability for online platforms to collect data is rapidly increasing. From medical data to facial recognition, there is no telling how far companies will go to collect personal data. Facebook and other well-recognized companies have sold data to third parties. The social media giant now has the ability to recognize people by face.

If someone posts a picture of you, Facebook locates it and gives you the option to be tagged. The access of data through technology is endless. Enoch also described how advertisements are personalized based on search history. The footprint that you leave online can be tracked. Corporations can use this information and tailor it to their needs.

Dr. Enoch believes the way to fight for user rights is through legislation. She supports a bill that allows users to opt in or out when referring to personal data. This data would include financial, health, child information, social security number, and geo-location. Enoch wants to give users the option to share personal data. Some will be willing to share with companies, while others will steer clear.

While discussing change in legislation, Dr. Enoch stated, “When you have a coalition of people coming together to say this isn’t right then all of a sudden you get traction.” One person contacting legislation will not create the needed change, but multiple people and groups can make it possible.

It is extremely important to inform legislators about the topic and the impact on the people. They won’t necessarily have the time to research the concerns. It will take groups coming together to distribute information and bring about change on internet platforms.

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