A Day at the EF Hutton Talks Conference

A Day at the EF Hutton Talks Conference

Author: Abby Connell

The EF Hutton Talks Conference Series launched on Monday, June 25 and it was a success! Between the amazing speakers and the never ending food, not one person left energized and uninformed about user rights.

Chris Daniels, EF Hutton CEO, started off with opening remarks about what user rights are and why they should matter to us, which was the goal of the conference. Unfortunately, Ted Claypoole from Womble Bond Dickerson in Atlanta, Georgia, and Amie Steponovich from Access Now in Washington D.C. could not attend, but we still got to hear from them. Claypoole talked about The Real Cost of Free while Steponovich spoke about A Question of Trust. Even though there was no physical presence their impactful speeches sure made it feel as if they were.

Joyce Chilton, Springfield City Commissioner in Springfield, Ohio, spoke about Stripping Wealth from Communities and how people need to be aware of what they are signing up for and what privacy they are giving up, even when it is just a rewards card at your local grocery store down the street. Dr.Vanessa Enoch, Public Policy Expert in West Chester, Ohio continued on the same topic but since her background is in public policy, along with running for congress, she elaborated on how it takes a community to care about change. Just one person calling their legislators is not going to help, it takes many to accomplish something.

After the lunch break was a roundtable discussion about what’s next with user rights featuring Chilton, Charles Winburn, Leadership Concepts LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio and Zachary Heck, Attorney at Taft Law in Dayton, Ohio with Gery Deer, EF Hutton VP of Communication and Public Relations in Springfield, Ohio moderating it.

This is when the audience was able to interact with the speakers and have some of their questions answered. There were so many different speakers in the roundtable a lot of questions were able to be addressed and not just by one person’s view, which a lot of the audience enjoyed.

Heck spoke about the Role of Businesses in Data Transparency followed by Sara Jodka from Dickinson Wright in Columbus, who spoke about Regulations Today, How Are We Protected? Both speakers gave real life examples from their own lives and work experience. Jodka commented on how these different companies think people are products and made us stop and realize it’s true. This really stuck with the crowd.

By the end of the day, people were ready for the big show stopper, Special guest speaker, Martin Luther King lll talked about The Dream of User Freedom. The room was energized as he spoke. Not one person left without wanting a change in their user rights.

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